What is the Best Glass Screen Protector?

From Galaxy S20 to Redmi Note 8 all the Smartphones have very advanced and beautiful display systems. So, many people have a question if we should cover the phone or not. We will try to find the solution to this question and we will also explain to you the difference between different screen protectors available in the market such as Nano liquid, tempered glasses, PET, and TPU.

Do I Need a Screen Protector?

The glass of your phone has got more scratch than the number of days you have used. There are some strong glasses available in the market but even these are not unscratchable glasses. People who think that these glasses are unscratchable are wrong. You need a glass screen protector for your phone if you want to protect its screen from scratches and damage.

Phone screen

For example, take a close look at your mobile phone. Some of the scratches on your mobile phone are not deep. If there is anything harder than your screen protector, it will scratch your screen protector. It can be sand on your hand or the place where you keep your mobile phone. But if your screen protector has got scratches, you can replace it anytime and anywhere. Keep in mind that any of the screen protectors are not perfect.

Screen Protectors

Search for a good quality screen protector at an online store and you will have a lot of options to buy. You can search at Amazon or Snapdeal. You will see a lot of attractive options, prices, and brands. But there are some advantages and disadvantages of these screen protectors.

PET Screen Protectors

It is a simple kind of plastic that is normally used in water bottles and lunch boxes of kids. It has the lowest capacity to avoid scratch on your phone. But it is the cheapest, thinnest and lightest screen protector that is available in the market. It has a very decent touch like a rubber.

TPU Screen Protectors

If you are thinking of old screen protectors, you should go with TPU. It is made from very flexible plastic. Now, the TPU Screen Protectors are coming at very affordable prices. There is one more advantage in purchasing this. The advantage is that it has limited healing power for itself. It can heal minor scratches by itself.

Tempered Glass

The tempered glasses are the most protective layer on your mobile phone’s screen. These are very strong and nowadays, these glasses are not so expensive either. Some company provides you the best-tempered glasses for your mobile phone.

Nano Liquid Screen Protector

This is a highly advanced version of a screen protector which is a liquid that you need to apply on the phone’s screen. Its effectiveness is still a matter of debate. However, you can test it and see how it works for you.

Final thoughts

So far, tempered glasses seem to be the best protection for your phone screen. It is made from strong material and is cost-effective. It prevents your phone from the maximum number of damages and gives you a smooth feeling. But if want a good appearance, you should go with PET or TPU.