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Loft Conversions Ideas

Loft conversions are a relatively inexpensive way to obtain extra living space. They can be particularly attractive if your property is not subject to restrictive covenants. This means you don’t have to get planning permission for the conversion and can stay within your council tax band.

If your loft isn’t large enough, you might want to consider having it fully converted into habitable space or just using it as storage space with an added dormer window. There may also be other rooms in the house that need attention: perhaps your garage would make a good workshop? Or you could turn the storeroom under the stairs into a cloakroom and so increase the size of your kitchen. Once you’ve decided whether or not to convert your loft, or what type of loft conversion you want, you need to put a step-by-step plan into action.

Loft conversions can be a great opportunity for architectural creativity and a way of adding value to your property. Here are some different types of lofts that have been turned into living areas:

1) The flat roof room – this is one of the most popular loft conversions as it doesn’t involve additional height or planning permission. It’s probably the easiest type of conversion, but if there isn’t enough headroom because you’re in a terraced house, for example, it will only provide the most basic living space. This type of conversion is also known as an ‘extension on top’. You can still install dormer windows and use bright colors on the walls to make it more appealing.

2) The box-in-the-roof loft conversion – this is an extension that goes in the roof space and is finished with a pitched roof (like most lofts). This type of conversion provides more depth, meaning you can fit another room behind the main living area. This is probably the most popular type of loft conversion because it has good headroom and includes dormer windows.

3) The mansard or half-hipped roof room – this type of loft looks like two houses attached together, with each part having its own pitched roof. It’s also possible to turn your flat roof into a gable end so that there are three separate roofs instead of just one flat one. This type of loft conversion is ideal for adding more space, but planning permission might be necessary.

4) The sloping ceiling room – these are the most difficult types of lofts to convert because you have to work around sloping ceilings rather than just dropping them down to meet the floor. Planning permission isn’t usually required though. If you already have a pitched roof it’s possible to use this space as an extra room if your property is long enough. You can also turn your flat roof into a hipped end which then looks remarkably similar to the mansard loft conversion.

5) Cresting – this is where you extend upwards so that the outward appearance of your property becomes taller than before. It’s possible to create 2/3 extra stories this way, but it requires planning permission so be sure to check with your local council first.

By making maximum use of your property it’s possible to gain extra space without moving house.

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Loft Conversion

Surrey lofts review

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Loft Conversion

The best loft conversion service of the surrey’s loft company

Home renovation work is a huge task for any customer across the globe. The task requires a professional who is experienced and well versed in all aspects. Picking a firm that is top-notch in the quality parameters has to be chosen for the home renovation task. If you want to hire a firm, then you can go with surrey’s loft company for the project. Surrey’s loft conversion firm gives mind-blowing satisfaction to the customers. The firm has plenty of multitalented workers and quality professionals to fulfill the desire of the customer to the core. The company has been serving the public for many decades with its prowess.

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If you require to contact the surrey’s loft company make a visit to the office in person. Meet the professionals of the office for your demand. The professionals speak to you about the work details and required process for the project. You can get a free quote from them for your verification.

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Loft Conversion

Know the benefits of hiring specialists for best loft conversions

When you want to renovate your home, then nothing can be as beneficial as a loft conversion project because it is the best way of adding value to your property. You will get an additional room that you can use for any purpose so that there is no need to worry about lack of space in your property. Additionally, you will need to hire a loft conversion specialist who will help you achieve the best loft conversions project within your budget. Moreover, you will get a beautiful view from the additional window that is added to your property so that you will get the best kind of results. The larger windows in the additional space will allow more sunlight and fresh air to enter into your living space. You will get more ventilation in your property while getting a spectacular view so that your home interiors will get an instant makeover.

There are many benefits of considering the best loft conversions and the most important benefit is that you will get an energy efficient option at an affordable price. Hence, you will save money on the electricity bills because the larger windows will allow more natural sunlight inside your home so that you will get the best kind of results when it comes to selecting the most energy efficient option. There is no need to opt for artificial lighting when you can get natural light through the windows so that you will get the best kind of results in your indoor space. The conversion specialists are professionals who have experience in insulating your property so that you can easily get the best kind indoor temperature. When your home is adequately insulated, you will not have to pay additional money for heating or cooling costs. You will also enjoy attractive view of the outdoors so that you and your family members will get the largest amount of benefits. Rather than spending time and efforts for the project, you should entrust this task to the specialist who will make sure that your home will get an amazing makeover. This will save your valuable time and you will also get a cost effective solution for your property because loft conversion will offer benefits in the long run. Along with saving your space, it is also known to create additional space in your property so that your unused space will get a valuable addition. Rather than spending money on relocation, you can opt for loft conversions because it is a more affordable option. You will get an extension of the property that will be utilized to its maximum capacity for ensuring that your living space will be extended.

The best loft conversions help you to create additional living space for meeting the growing needs of your family members without compromising on your security or privacy. The value of your property will be increased and you will also enjoy the additional living space in your property. The large amount of natural light will also make your space look beautiful than before as it does not get blocked due to trees or other homes.