Air Conditioning

Tips for hiring the best aircon installer

Aircon installation is not a straightforward process as many individuals may think. There are some aspects you should consider in order to install your air conditioner properly. A perfectly-installed unit will function properly, thus lowering energy bills. Avoid the DIY route because you will waste your time and money. This is because you will take much time researching the best strategies to use. In addition, you will be prone to mistakes. Therefore, hiring a professional aircon installer is important. Below are tips for hiring the best air conditioner installer.

  1. Legal Framework

Legal documentation is essential in any given industry. An ideal air conditioner technician should have a genuine license. Working with an authorized installer will give you peace of mind. In addition, ensure that you hire an installer with insurance cover. The air conditioner installation process is complex. Therefore, there are some unanticipated dangers that can occur during the installation. Instead of exposing yourself to danger, hire experts who will use the right personal protective equipment to improve their safety. In case of an accident, you will not be liable because the insurance firm will cover the damages.

  1. Experience

Hiring an air conditioner installer with many years of experience is an added advantage. Experience and professionalism are key aspects that will improve the longevity of your system. An experienced aircon contractor has intensive and extensive knowledge about air conditioners. This skill plays a significant role in improving the quality of the services. In addition, avoid inexperienced air conditioner technicians because they may fail to achieve your intended objective.

  1. Budget

Different air conditioner installers charge differently for similar services. Therefore, it is important to analyze more aircon contractors. Choose a reliable air conditioner installer who suits your budget. On the other hand, avoid cheap aircon contractors because they can damage your system or commit unnecessary mistakes while installing. A reputable air conditioner installer will quote an affordable price tag.

  1. High-Tech Equipment

The installation process of an air conditioner requires certain tools and equipment. Advanced equipment is costly in the market. Therefore, hiring an air conditioner contractor with quick access to the right equipment will lower your overall installation cost. High-tech equipment plays a vital role in enhancing the quality, efficiency, and accuracy of the results. In addition, professional aircon installers use advanced tools to manage their time well. Avoid using high-tech equipment if you lack sufficient knowledge in this field. This is because you can damage your system or cause accidents.

  1. Reputation

It is important to invest your money in a reputable air conditioner installer. To determine the reputation of an air conditioner expert, you can check online reviews or ask around. Positive online reviews show that an aircon professional has an excellent reputation. On the other hand, negative reviews show that an air conditioner contractor has a poor reputation.


Choosing an ideal air conditioner installer will improve your unit’s life span and functional ability. In addition, an expert will provide you with top-notch services.

Fire Alarms

Why you require fire alarm near me

Fire alarm near me? Yes, please evacuate!

That’s the sound that many of us hope to never hear, but unfortunately it is sometimes necessary. If you’re in a building and hear a fire alarm go off, please evacuate the premises immediately. Do not stop to gather belongings or try to find out what is happening. Just leave the building.

If you are outside and see fire trucks or other emergency vehicles, please move away from the area. Do not stand near the building and watch what is happening. You could be in the way of emergency crews who are trying to do their job.

It’s important to remember that when there is a fire alarm, it means there is a fire somewhere. It may not be in the building where you are, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and evacuate.

Fire alarms can sometimes go off accidentally, but if you hear one and don’t see any smoke or flames, please leave the building anyway. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How fire alarm companies work

A fire alarm is an essential part of your safety in many buildings. A fire alarm can be linked into the building’s electrical system, or it can be its own separate unit. When the sensor of the device detects heat (fire), an alarm will sound and all appropriate personnel will know there is a fire somewhere in the building.

In some cases, a fire alarm will also call the fire department or another emergency service for you. In other instances, the personnel in your building have been trained to know exactly what they need to do when there is a fire alarm. It’s important to know where exits are and how many minutes it would take you to get out of the building.

How to prevent false fire alarm going off

There are a number of reasons that a fire alarm might go off when there is no actual fire. An employee smoking in a closet, for example, could set the device off. In this case it would be quite easy to cancel the alarm. You simply call the office responsible for the device and tell them there is no fire. They will then turn it off.

False alarms are fairly common, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating or annoying when one goes off because of an accident or other reason besides actual danger. That’s why many buildings use fire alarm companies who specialize in closing down systems without cancelling the monitoring. Having a service that responds quickly to false alarms means you don’t have to spend hours waiting for them to arrive or get fixed.

Fire alarm installation

What’s involved in fire alarm installation?

Installing a fire alarm system is no simple process. It involves wiring up all areas of the building so that an alarm can be tripped when there is a fire. It is very important that the wiring of the device not be tampered with or done improperly because it could mean a delay in getting a proper warning out when a real fire occurs, putting lives at risk.

Construction Tape

The Advantages of Using Correx Sheets

The correx sheets are corrugated plastic sheets that can make solid and durable fixed structures or temporary fences.

These corrugated plastic sheets come in various sizes and strengths, which means they can be used for different applications. For example, correx sheets 450 (450 microns) and correx sheets 600 (600 microns) would be most commonly used to construct fences or barriers.

Corrugated plastic is recyclable and lightweight, making it an excellent alternative to plywood where more than one side needs to be covered. Corrugated panels can easily be installed on-site with no need for tools such as hammers or nails; the corrugated panels fix together using simple clips which lock into place.

Corrugated plastic correx sheets have several advantages over plywood, including:

  • Quality corrugated correx sheets can be purchased at a cheap price from a large variety of manufacturers.
  • The corrugated correx panels are lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for use on-site or as portable structures (for example, for an outdoor event) – Corrugated correx plastic corrugated sheets are safer than wood correx panels because they don’t splinter like plywood does when nails are driven into them – They’re waterproof because they act like a tarpaulin by keeping water out, even in very heavy rain conditions – They business cards slide easily over the corrugated surface correx sheets corrugated correx sheets – They’re easier to clean than plywood because they don’t absorb moisture.
  • The different strengths of the corrugated plastic corpex sheets means that you can get precisely what you need for your project, whether it’s a lightweight temporary structure or a sturdier permanent wall

They are also easily shaped by cutting through them with an appropriate saw. This makes them versatile too.

An example of where corrugated plastic could be used is at outdoor events such as weddings. It would make for cheaper alternatives to standard wooden fencing and eliminate any chances of splinters causing accidents. If you want to move the area correx corrugated corrugated corrugated corrugated corrugated, then they can easily be moved and repositioned. This is better than using plywood which would splinter when nails are driven into it.

Corrugated plastic sheets are also more environmentally friendly than other types of sheeting, such as plywood, because they’re recyclable and do not require harsh chemicals to clean or dispose of them after use.

The main disadvantage of plastic sheeting is that it does bow a little under heavy loads because it’s a lightweight material. This might not always cause problems, but if you were going for a flat correx corrugated corrugated corrugated corrugated corrugated surface, then you might need to consider another material.

Overall, the advantages of using corrugated plastic sheets are that they’re lightweight, easy to install and waterproof. They can be used in almost all applications where it’s required to cover a large area or make a temporary structure. You can either purchase them ready-made or cut them up yourself at home with an appropriate saw. However, this isn’t possible if you want accuracy because they do bow slightly under heavy loads.


How to choose the perfect private girls college

It is essential to locate the best private girls college to enroll your daughter. The quality of the college will determine whether the child will come out successful. For example, they may like to get certain training. It is good to enroll the student in a college that has proven to offer the best training over time. Your girl may have a course in mind. It is good to get her option and know about the type; of course, she would like to enroll. The type, of course, will make it easy to narrow down on the right colleges. Remember, not all colleges can offer certain types of training. Here are other issues to check out and locate the best private girls college:

Check out online reviews

Before enrolling in a given course, check out online reviews. From the online reviews, it will be easy to know the right college treating students well. Many students will offer praises to schools where they were treated well. Every parent must check out the reviews a given college receives then make plans to enroll the student. Enroll in a college that has developed a good reputation in availing the best training, and the students will graduate when they are fully prepared to face different challenges in life.

Well established school

The college should be fully established to offer different types of training. For example, check out the year when the private girls college was established. Some schools were stabled long time ago, and they have been very helpful in offering top quality services. Check out the time the school has been in operation and its history. Some training colleges have been established based on certain historical backgrounds. Studying in a school with a well-established foundation and focused staff increases the chances of graduating when you are successful. It is also essential to check out the fees charged in the college. Enroll in a college where the fees are fair to avoid cases where they can expose the parents to exploitations.

Talk to a parent who has students there

Some parents have taken their girls to school before, and they have some experience. Check out the experience the students have, and it will be possible to make the right decision in the process. When you enroll the student in a school that has been fully established and receives good reviews from past parents, there are high chances they will guarantee the best training that will meet the highest standards. Past students will offer the right views about the college.

Experience of the teachers

The teachers who will teach the girls should have the right experience. If they have been teaching for long, they are highly likely to offer top-quality education. Ask around to learn more about the experience of the teachers. If you can enroll in a school with highly experienced teachers, it will be possible to secure the best training for the girls. They should know how to handle different issues that face girls as they study.

Construction Tape

Learn how to use skrim tape

So you want to learn about skrim tape? Well, I’m here to teach you! Most airsoft players don’t think twice when it comes to applying these little pieces of wonder.

There are two reasons why skrim tape is superior for this application over standard duct tape. The first reason is that it stretches. This allows the user to center it on a ski pole or snowboard handle, giving it maximum strength while still going around corners without peeling up at the edges as regular duct tape does. Another advantage of this stretchy property is that you can always use skrim tape if you get into an accident and need to close your splitboard without any other options. Just wrap it around the two boards and hold it down with your other skate tool.

Let’s start with what scrim is:

Scrim is a mesh netting material that has been impregnated into a particular film which allows the scrim netting material binded within the carrier film to rip apart when pulled. This results in a scrim netting material that stretches and rips when you pull on it. It is often used to add ease of movement to your uniform. When applied correctly, the scrim will make it much more comfortable for you to run around and play airsoft with a vest or chest rig on since they reduce the stress put onto the shoulder straps of a vest by distributing the weight of whatever items are housed in your pouches between your shoulders instead of putting all of that stress onto one shoulder strap alone.

The duct tape equivalent is very similar, but it’s made from different materials and has slight differences. Duct tape can come in varying widths – although we’re going to want a skinny width for us, airsoft players. Duct tape also comes in different strengths and thicknesses, so be careful when choosing what you get since you don’t want it to be too thick or add unnecessary weight to your gear. You can also get white duct tapes – this will allow people who have camo-accented rigs to still use the duct tape without having their equipment stand out too much.

It’s worth noting that scrims are more expensive than regular cotton duck cloth strips, which is often used for making your scrims.

So how do I stick my scrim on?

That question is always asked around airsoft forums, but the answer remains simple: with glue.

You’ll need to paint glue onto the scrim, then apply it onto your gear where you want it. People also use Windex as an alternative to glue, but I’ve never tried Windex, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness.

You must cut your scrims into shorter pieces before applying them to your equipment. You don’t want one long strip of cloth because then it’ll look like a string vest (with all that skin showing) – if any area is exposed, be sure to cover it up with extra scrim material or some duct tape.

Sometimes people will choose not to cut their strips because they’ve found out that the longer the strip is, the less likely it is to rip apart when pulled at. It all depends on what you want to do.

Construction Tape

Sound proofing

-Soundproofing is a very effective method of keeping sound out of your home. It reduces the noise pollution in residential homes, which can often be caused by traffic or surrounding properties.

-It consists of applying high quality materials to the inside of your walls and floors that will ensure that noises are not passed through the surfaces with ease. This works best for lower frequency sounds, such as bass sounds from music or people talking, but it can also work against higher pitched sounds too.

-The most common materials used are fiberglass insulation boards, rubber sheets and mineral wool panels which are all designed specifically with sound reduction in mind. These materials have been tested over time and they have shown great results when applied to both internal and external walls.

-The most common type of application is called ‘mass loaded vinyl’ which has a specially designed surface that reduces the noise transfer from one side of the panel to another. It also acts as a barrier so it can be installed on either side of a wall, depending on what needs to be reduced more. This is where it differs from other types of soundproofing; due to its ability to absorb sound across its whole surface, rather than just parts.

-A construction company will usually use this method when trying to prevent any sounds caused by building work or renovation works transferring into neighbouring properties, particularly if they are applying new windows or doors at the same time. The installation process involves using specialist materials, such as double-sided adhesive tapes, to attach the panels to the walls or floors. This method is also used more frequently in car garages where it needs to maintain an acoustic environment for workers.

-The main disadvantage of soundproofing is that it can be quite expensive and time-consuming, depending on how big the area needing sound reduction is; although this obviously depends on which material you choose to use too. It can also cause problems if you intend on selling your property as some people prefer not to live near properties with high levels of noise pollution.

-It’s also important to find a good quality company that can offer high quality soundproofing materials, as this is often reflected in their prices. This will ensure that the job is done properly and you’ll get longer lasting results. Some professional companies even have vibration insulation measures in place too, which avoids any noise associated with movement of pipes or other services behind walls for example.

-Mass loaded vinyl sound proofing panels are one of the easiest ways to stop noises from entering your property if they are being caused by renovation work or noisy neighbours. They are easily installed into both internal and external areas, although it tends to be more effective when applied internally due to internal structures bouncing sounds back off the walls rather than absorbing them. It also helps to stop noise pollution from entering your home.

-This is a very effective method and it provides high quality sound reduction across the whole surface of the panels; which differs to other types of soundproofing that can only absorb certain frequencies. Despite this, it can be relatively expensive as well as time-consuming if larger areas need treatment and care must be taken when exposing vinyl as you will need specialist tools such as double sided tape to apply them.

Security Technology

security camera system

Some of the most common instances in which people install security camera systems are to monitor their homes for any break-ins or suspicious activity and to watch over their children when they’re alone. These types of people may also install security camera systems at their business establishments.

There is a lot that goes into installing a home surveillance system. It is essential to know how many security camera units you will need and where they should be placed. When the system is installed, it needs to be configured and programmed. The software that controls the monitoring device might also need to be configured first before producing any results. It is helpful that people who do this type of work know more about what they are doing, especially if they do not have much time to research the product. It is important to hire a reliable security camera installer that will provide you with great services.

Before hiring an individual or company to install your security system, it is very helpful that you are aware of what you are looking for in an expert in this field. This allows you to understand the responsibilities of this person or company.

A professional security camera installer must have expertise in all types of CCTV systems so that they are able to help out their clients even better. They need to know how these surveillance devices work, what accessories are needed for installation, and how to configure them. A good installer should be able to design and install a security system that is customized to the customer’s needs. They should also be able to communicate with their clients in order for them to understand the full extent of what they will receive from this individual or company.

A lot of people who are experts in this field strive for excellent customer service skills. It is very crucial that these people can communicate with their customers regarding any queries or problems they might have. They should be able to offer support even after the installation is completed.

A professional installer should also have the necessary skills to complete projects quickly and efficiently. This allows them to save time and money, especially if you are in a rush to fix an emergency situation. They should also be able to handle any type of critical situation, such as a power outage and telephone line disruption.

It is very helpful that your chosen security camera installer has experience in this line of work. This allows them to come up with the best solution for your needs and concerns regarding your project. You can check an individual or company’s credentials to know if they have all the necessary requirements in order to provide you with excellent services.

A reliable installer in this line of work should also be familiar with the most up-to-date security camera systems in the market. They need to understand which system is best for your needs and how these devices can make your home or business more secure and safe.

An installer should be open to discussing your needs and concerns. If they do not, it is best that you look for another person or company that will give you their time and attention to get the best deal possible.

It is also very helpful if a potential customer can get to know an installer on a more personal level to see whether or not they are the right person for the job.

Knowing all of this information about your potential security camera installer will help you understand if this is the right person to handle your project. It allows you to look into their credentials and provide excellent customer service when it comes to installing your security system.

If you are looking for a security camera installer, it is best to get in touch with a reliable company that offers great services and products at very affordable prices. Keep in mind all of these factors to have a better idea of what to look for when hiring an expert in this line of work. If you look into all of these factors, you can be certain that your security system is in good hands.

Generators manufacturing

Honda generators for sale

-There are many reasons as to why you would want to buy a generator. It is mainly because they can be used in many different situations and can be used as an alternative energy source. There are a lot of generators that come with specific uses but the Honda generators seem to be the most universal and versatile out there.

-Electric generators are the primary source of energy for millions of people worldwide. When there is a power outage in your area, you should know that you can use this device to turn to. It works especially well when you’re unable to find any other sources of power and it’s one reason why they become so essential for many.

-You should also know that there are a lot of benefits to buying a Honda generator, as these generators tend to be very practical and versatile. First of all, they run on gasoline which makes them extremely practical because you won’t have to go for hours without electricity just so you can charge the battery. This allows you to have electricity whenever you need it.

Honda generators are also very efficient and versatile, which is why they are one of the most popular sources of power all around the world. They can be used to help you in many different situations, no matter if it’s a construction site or an outdoor adventure camp. There are plenty of ways in which you can use a Honda generator.

-Another reason why you should buy a Honda generator is because they are very inexpensive, especially if you compare them to solar panels. Not only are they more practical but they also present much better value for money compared to other sources of energy. Of course this depends on the model you decide to go with but even the most affordable models have great value for money.

-Honda generators are very durable and they come with a lot of different safety features, so it doesn’t matter if you’re using them at home or in your workplace. They also have great reliability levels despite the fact that they don’t require any maintenance by your side. You won’t need to invest in new batteries or anything of the sort.

-Another great thing about Honda generators is that they are very easy to use, which makes them ideal for beginners as well, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to figure out how they work. A lot of people are interested in buying a generator but most of them don’t know how to buy one, so this is why you should choose a Honda generator.

-There are so many different models available that you will certainly find something that works for your needs. The price range varies depending on the model but it’s not too expensive to buy any of these generators. You really get the most value for money when you buy a Honda generator because it offers something that not many other sources can.

-The reliability of this source is definitely one of its main selling points, no matter if you want to use it for your construction site or somewhere else. It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, these generators can be used for all sorts of purposes, and they provide a lot of value for money.

-Honda generators are the best source of electricity in many different situations and you should consider them if you want to make sure that your job is done without any interruption. They will last a long time and there’s no need to worry about regular maintenance.

Construction Tape

Is Deck Joist Sealing Tape Important? What You Need To Know

While today’s high-performing deck boards can even last for up to 20 years, but nothing is guaranteed about the substructure that supports the deck. Moreover, if the bearers and posts are made of timber, they would likely deteriorate after some time.

Experts have found out that timber foundations tend to show signs of decay or rotting after 7 or 8 years. So, the solution lies in deck joist sealing tape that shields the bearers and joists effectively from the moisture that leads to rotting.

Hence, having protective tape when building a timber substructure is a necessity. In this post, you get to know why it is important to use sealing tape for deck joist and other aspects of it.


Deck joist flashing or sealing tape is a kind of water-resistant butyl adhesive that is used to keep moisture from entering the mainframe of your deck. While you may get high-quality composite deck boards that are both moisture and water-resistant, the lumber used for the ledger and joists is vulnerable to water damage.

Hence, the best way to protect the substructure is to use sealing tape for the joists. Keep in mind that a healthy substructure is very important for the overall health and appearance of your deck. Moreover, it benefits you in the following ways as well.

  • Increases the life expectancy of your deck
  • Saves you from future replacement or maintenance costs
  • Improves the structural integrity of your deck
  • You remain worry-free and enjoy your deck year after year


Whenever you are adding a deck, you are not just adding outdoor living space. In reality, you are making another big investment. For example, if you are having a 400 square foot deck, the cost could be anywhere between $11000 and $17500 for a wooden deck and between $12000 and $24500 for a composite deck.

With all that going into building a nice deck, making use of deck joist flashing tape might appear to be a step that almost everyone skips. Also, taping your deck joists is no requirement that everyone follows as an important building code. So, you may ask yourself, “How will it matter if I skip this step?”

Ignoring this crucial step can make a great difference in the future. Whenever it rains, debris and water are trapped in the crannies and nooks between the deck boards and joists. As a result, it creates a moist atmosphere, which becomes very difficult to dry.

Moreover, the trapped moisture breaks down the wood joists over time and causes them to decay and rot. Deck joist flashing tape builds a waterproof barrier that protects the joists from getting damaged because of the moisture. Even if your deck joists have treated wood, it will rot eventually.

Hence, skipping joist sealing tape might not impact you in the short term, it can make a lot of difference in the long run. Apart from that, water can create enough damage to the metal hangers that hold the deck board frame together. If left unprotected, the joist hangers that hold the deck corrode because of the copper leaching out of the treated wood.

Therefore, if you want the full support of your deck’s substructure and increase its life, you can protect that for a little extra cost. Joist sealing tape protects the deck substructure affordably.


The deck joist flashing tape should be applied on top of the joists like a cap. And, proper care is should be taken to make sure not to wrap the entire timber. That way, the timber won’t be stuffed and can breathe with ease. The tape creates a strong seal and guards against moisture.

As such, this will prevent the water sitting on top to flow underneath the surface and eat away the timber after some time. Moreover, the tape should be used around the timber that has significant contact with the ground. Also, you can use it on fence posts to create a watertight and waterproof seal.

In addition, the cut ends on the timber are the weakest spot where moisture accumulates and cause damage with ease. However, a single layer of sealing tape can resolve this issue with ease. Another important area where you may need to apply the sealing tape is the fasteners.

A small layer of the sealing tape helps to prevent corrosion around the treated wood and stainless steel fittings. Moreover, deck sealing tape comes in a variety of widths to make sure that it covers timbers of variable sizes.


The benefits of using sealing tape for deck joists are many. It features water, smoke, and air-tight along with an easy release system. Moreover, it is self-sealing and UV stable. The sealing tape that’s created from a robust polymer acrylic adhesive gives you the ultimate weatherproof and waterproof seal.

For how long the seal will last depends on the manufacturer. However, some brands provide you with a permanent adhesive bond that might last for up to 50 years. And, comes with a 25-year warranty as well. Now, this is the kind of benefit that you may want for your beautiful deck.

Furthermore, it is very important to use deck joist sealing tape for composite deck boards because the chances of absorbing moisture on the timber substructure increases because the water drains off the deck boards that have water-resistant abilities.

So, when you leave the timber substructure unattended for a long time, the amounts of moisture increase over time and the frame begins to rot. Another greatest benefit of using deck joist flashing tapes is that they remain stable between temperatures -40C and +93C. They don’t peel, crack, or lose strength.


As you go through the benefits of using sealing tape on deck joists, the answer to the question is very clear. Is deck joist sealing tape important? Yes, it is. So, whether you are choosing a traditional hardwood or modern decking area, don’t forget about these sealing tapes.

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversions Ideas

Loft conversions are a relatively inexpensive way to obtain extra living space. They can be particularly attractive if your property is not subject to restrictive covenants. This means you don’t have to get planning permission for the conversion and can stay within your council tax band.

If your loft isn’t large enough, you might want to consider having it fully converted into habitable space or just using it as storage space with an added dormer window. There may also be other rooms in the house that need attention: perhaps your garage would make a good workshop? Or you could turn the storeroom under the stairs into a cloakroom and so increase the size of your kitchen. Once you’ve decided whether or not to convert your loft, or what type of loft conversion you want, you need to put a step-by-step plan into action.

Loft conversions can be a great opportunity for architectural creativity and a way of adding value to your property. Here are some different types of lofts that have been turned into living areas:

1) The flat roof room – this is one of the most popular loft conversions as it doesn’t involve additional height or planning permission. It’s probably the easiest type of conversion, but if there isn’t enough headroom because you’re in a terraced house, for example, it will only provide the most basic living space. This type of conversion is also known as an ‘extension on top’. You can still install dormer windows and use bright colors on the walls to make it more appealing.

2) The box-in-the-roof loft conversion – this is an extension that goes in the roof space and is finished with a pitched roof (like most lofts). This type of conversion provides more depth, meaning you can fit another room behind the main living area. This is probably the most popular type of loft conversion because it has good headroom and includes dormer windows.

3) The mansard or half-hipped roof room – this type of loft looks like two houses attached together, with each part having its own pitched roof. It’s also possible to turn your flat roof into a gable end so that there are three separate roofs instead of just one flat one. This type of loft conversion is ideal for adding more space, but planning permission might be necessary.

4) The sloping ceiling room – these are the most difficult types of lofts to convert because you have to work around sloping ceilings rather than just dropping them down to meet the floor. Planning permission isn’t usually required though. If you already have a pitched roof it’s possible to use this space as an extra room if your property is long enough. You can also turn your flat roof into a hipped end which then looks remarkably similar to the mansard loft conversion.

5) Cresting – this is where you extend upwards so that the outward appearance of your property becomes taller than before. It’s possible to create 2/3 extra stories this way, but it requires planning permission so be sure to check with your local council first.

By making maximum use of your property it’s possible to gain extra space without moving house.

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