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Guide to Mezzabarba Trinity: An Overview

The MEZZABARBA TRINITY contributes to being the all-valve 100-watt amp head which comes with many gains and MIDI control. Furthermore, it boasts of three different channels. In addition to this, it provides the complete range of different incredible tones, which can be availed from Mezzabarba.


Founded in 1998, Mezzabarba is considered the reference points for different rockers in Europe, Italy, and other parts of the globe. Handcrafted in the country of Italy, these products stand out of the ordinary in defining the newer amp personality. It offers the contemporary feel, which is believed to be the worldwide split between me-too amps and industry leaders.


The Trinity contributes to being the 100-watt amp and true three-channel. It delivers power through EL34 power tubes. It is equipped with seven different 12AX7 preamp tubes, which shapes the tone of the three channels and tube buffered effects loop. The transformer of the amp plays an integral role in keeping the amp heartbeat completely Italian.


The MEZZABABA TRINITY comes with three different channels. Channel 1 is considered to be the prerequisite balance between MZero and Z Series. Also, it includes total definition and generates the authentic and transparent clean tone. It is known for the brilliance and warmth.

In addition to this, it includes a plethora of harmonic overtones. The boost of the Trinity is going to engage you with the British and American classy crunch and a plethora of dynamic bunch.

Channel 2 stands out of the ordinary in offering explosive dynamics. Such kind of channel will range from the specific bitey mild distortion to the harmonic-enriched crunch. So, you will have the hot-rodded and brutal tone, which will keep the boost engaged.

Channel 3 features defined, hotness, and bassiness. It comes with saturated and fluid distortions, which get dripped in the harmonics. This channel includes boost switches which are a suitable choice for the two unique voicing. One voicing is for the fullest and smoothest Solo parts, whereas the other one is for the Rhythm definition. Channel 3 stands out of the ordinary in offering distortion bliss.


Mezzabarba Trinity includes two different versions, such as the 6LC version and EL34 version. The 6L version offers a balanced and more edgy tone, which is considered the suitable choice for Metal, Modern Rock, and 30 different rows. It is heavy and strong. Also, it is believed to be a suitable opportunity for the music of different styles.

If you are a player looking for an ultra-defined, ultra-dynamic, super versatile and modern amplifier, you should opt for it without giving it a second thought.

The EL34 is another worth mentioning version of MEZZABARBA TRINITY which stands second to none in offering a fiery and raw tone. It leads to an aggressive and mid focused tone. It is considered to be an excellent choice for Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Metal.

Made in Italy, it is equipped with a plethora of control, which offers a helping hand in keeping you busy for a prolonged period. In addition, you can enjoy crystal clear, clean and modern sound as you opt for the Trinity.