Delicious Ice Cream at Opera Gelateria Lucca

When I first came to Opera Gelateria Lucca, I wanted to try their ice cream. I was certainly not disappointed. I have tasted a lot of ice creams in my lifetime and I have never tasted one that is as good as this. They have a huge assortment of flavors too. They say never forget the ending of each meal and save the best for last. Better leave some room for dessert because the choices here will certainly not disappoint you. In fact, I tried the chocolate and pistachio flavor and they were both astounding. I knew I came to the right place when I was craving for ice cream. I don’t need to think twice when I am craving for sweets next time. They also have a tasty selection of yogurt and you know you would want to try them all. In addition, the crepes are not to be missed. You know you can spot their place pretty easily when there is a huge line outside. They have been in the industry for several years and I have yet to encounter a person who has said a single bad word about their food. It is wonderful and I can’t wait to try it again as I am writing this.

The interiors of Opera Gelateria Lucca are not to be missed because they are extremely tight. You know you would want to stay in this place for quite a long time when you get a load of the interiors. You know they hired some of the country’s best in making sure the leave a good impression on their customers. They certainly got my attention and you know I would spend my afternoon working in this place if they would have more plugs in their place for charging the laptop. In addition, I could not get enough of how good the ice cream is. They should seriously consider having an ice cream guy sell their flavors around the streets and the kids would approach that person like crazy. It is not such a bad idea considering the weather and how hot it must be these days.

Opera Gelateria Lucca also has a ton of frozen cakes that are perfect for the right occasion. It is no surprise how it would be great to have one of their cakes for your birthday or even a company promotion. It would be the perfect icing on such a grand occasion. Whoever you give their cakes to would forever thank you for a job well done. The cakes are not only delicious but they look great too. In fact, you would want to snap several pictures of the cake before taking a slice. Don’t blame yourself for doing that as it is pretty normal. When you post pictures of their cake, you’re going to notice that a lot of people already did the same thing. Hence, you are not alone in trying to satisfy your sweet cravings. They will leave you wanting a lot more.